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Giedrius Paulauskas

GP-KIT jeans

GP-KIT jeans

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These classic cut denim, shaped like riding breeches, are crafted out of Italian fabric and reinforced with rivets and buttons made to special order-they are inserted into every pair by the designer himself. Giedrius Paulauskas also used a special stamp on cotton brands and marked waist and length: the latter is not shown in a conventional way but in sequential numbers, like on army uniforms- 1st, 2nd, 3rd. These designer jeans that form a part on an urban warrior uniform each are also distinct because each pair has a matching twin pair of its own. This is because all the denims by this designer are coloured in batches of two pairs.

A large part of this designer work is army related , and this is why the new GP-KIT has some related details. The back pocket of the jeans ports star-shaped embroidery. Giedrius Paulauskas put the star, one of the oldest symbols known to man, to his jeans as a symbol of protection and safety. Every pair, next to the knee, has a round GP logo. 

● 98% cotton , 2% elastane 

care instructions:

You want your GP-kit jeans to serve for you as long as possible. Designer Giedrius Paulauskas recommends the following rules:

  • Wash the jeans inside out and keep the temperature 30º C or below.
  • after washing  the jeans, turn them good side again, shake vigorously, smoothen the creases by hand and dry attached by the waist to a pants hanger. Do not fold. 
  • you want to retain deep black colour of the denims, so do not wash them too often. After wearing them for a couple of days , peg them by the waist to a pants hanger and spray the  entire area of the jeans with warm water ( on the good side) 
  • or the colour to stay deep dark, use detergents specially design for dark colours.
  • after a prolonged wear, a pair of denims get a face  of its own: slightly worn, with a bit of history. However, if you prefer, we may refresh your denims. Bring them over or mail them to us, and we will colour your pair again. 
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